Ryun outraises Rep. Boyda

Second quarter fundraising numbers reveal that former Rep. Jim Ryun has out-raised incumbent Rep. Nancy Boyda in his quest to reclaim Kansas’ 2nd District for the GOP:

Former Rep. Jim Ryun (R-Kan.) outraised Boyda $450,000 to $240,000, but he is being forced to spend heavily in a primary battle with state treasurer Lynn Jenkins. Jenkins raised $130,000 but held a $490,000 to $220,000 advantage over Ryun in cash on hand.

Boyda has far more in the bank than either potential GOP challenger, with $890,000.

Lynn Jenkins is a more liberal Republican, and if we want to flip the 2nd District back to Republican control, we’ll need a candidate who, in the words of Ronald Reagan, can raise “a banner of no pale pastels, but bold colors.” Rep. Jim Ryun is that candidate.

The GOP primary is set for August 5. Please click here to donate to Rep. Ryun’s campaign.


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