Welcome to Down the Ticket!

This site was started in July 2008 to promote conservative candidates in Congressional elections across the United States. This site believes that even if you are disappointed with the current GOP leadership, there are still many principled conservative candidates worthy of support. If you know of a conservative candidate this blog should support, please leave a comment or shoot us an e-mail at downtheticket (at) gmail (dot) com.



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3 responses to “Welcome to Down the Ticket!

  1. Great idea. Don’t be dismayed by the 0 comments. They’ll come. Wish I had something good to recommend from Minnesota’s First. Up until ’06, it belonged to Gil Gutknecht, a really good guy, but he got beat in November ’06 by Al Franken buddy, National Guard veteran, and “independent” poseur Tim Walz. I’d like nothing better than to see that two-faced so-and-so removed, but his opponent, sadly, this time, is either long time Republican gasbag Dick Day, or, I hope, Brian Davis. We’ll know after the September 9 primary. If it’s Day, I won’t bother to vote on that contest.

  2. Fuller

    Like your info report. We have two districts in southern AZ where anyboby would be better then
    the two pro entitlement, pro illegals, big spenders and pork takers that currently suck us dry. So far only one is being is challanged by a RINO. will keep you posted.
    Check out Col. Allen West running for FL. 22nd dist. (allenwestforcongress.com). Good man with the right stuff.

  3. Wind Walker

    I am from Florida, have heard nothing but good things about Col. Allen West. I wish I lived in his district. He would definatley have my vote.

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