Utah Republicans Endorse Chaffetz

Earlier this week Jason Chaffetz, the GOP candidate to represent Utah’s 3rd District, received the endorsements of three prominent Utah Republicans:

Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. endorsed Chaffetz on Wednesday, praising his “tenacity.” And Sens. Orrin Hatch and Bob Bennett, who backed Cannon during the primary, will host a Washington fundraiser for Chaffetz next week.

“At the end of the day, Republicans need to come together, and this takes us one step further in that direction,” Chaffetz said of the endorsements. “We’re all Republicans. We disagree on some issues, but we’ve got to beat the Democrats come November, so I very much appreciate their support. I need it.”

Chaffetz had previously served as the campaign manager and chief of staff to Gov. Huntsman. While Chaffetz accepted the endorsement of his former boss, he was quick to point out that they still disagreed on some major issues:

“Jon Huntsman, as much as I like you, you’re wrong on global warming. It’s a farce,” Chaffetz said, as Huntsman and his family stood just off-stage.

Chaffetz has also disagreed with Bennett and Hatch on congressional earmarks, immigration and, in Hatch’s case, with his vote for the No Child Left Behind education reform.

Jason Chaffetz’ ability to stand up for conservatism in opposition to the GOP establishment is one of the qualities that drew me to support his campaign.

To donate to Jason Chaffetz’ campaign, click here.


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