Bob Novak notes Mayor Barletta’s success

Columnist Bob Novak highlighted the race to represent Pennsylvania’s 11th District yesterday:

Rep. Paul Kanjorski, a 71-year-old, 12-term congressman from a solidly Democratic Wilkes-Barre, Pa., district, may be the only incumbent House Democrat to lose in what shapes up as a disastrous 2008 for the Republicans.

Kanjorski is running behind Lou Barletta, the Republican Mayor of Hazleton, Pa., who has made a national reputation as a foe of illegal immigration. Kanjorski has a big money advantage and is waging a substantial television campaign, while Barletta has not yet been on television. But Barletta has 89 percent identification in the district, four to one positive. Kanjorski, who voted against the Iraqi troop surge, has been under fire for saying he “forced” President Bush to make the move.

This comes on the heels of Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post listing this district’s race as one of the 20 most competitive in the nation, and the only one on the list that features a Republican challenger and a Democrat who has served more than one term.

You can donate to Mayor Lou Barletta’s campaign here!


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