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Lt. Col. Allen West’s statement on Rep. Klein and the ZOA

Lt. Col. Allen West, who is seeking to unseat Rep. Ron Klein in Florida’s 22nd District, released the following statement today regarding the Human Events story on Rep. Klein and the Zionist Organization of America:

We believe that Mort Klein was put in an untenable position by Ron Klein or his supporters.  Alan Bergstein was given the choice of resigning from either the ZOA or from his volunteer support for Allen West.  We are not aware of any Ron Klein supporters who received a similar phone call. 

Mr. Bergstein resigned under protest from the ZOA.  To our knowledge, no mention was made of tax status concerns but even if the question had been raised, the remedy was an over-reaction. 

Mr. Bergstein honored the group’s rules when he set up the candidate forum that started this ball rolling.  Allen West appreciated the hospitality extended to him by the local ZOA and also honored their rules in his comments to them. 

This argument is not–and should not be–between Allen West and the ZOA.  It is more properly directed at Ron Klein, without whose inappropriate pressure this would not have occurred.

Donna Brosemer

You can donate to Lt. Col. Allen West here.


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Alaska takes center stage

The New York Times has a great article up (I know, I’m shocked, too) on the new generation of ethical Republicans in Alaska.  It includes a mention of Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell, who is seeking to unseat Rep. Don Young in the August 26 GOP House primary.

You can donate to Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell’s campaign here.

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How competitive is Maryland’s 1st District?

According to Stu Rothenberg, not very (emphasis, links in the original):

Prominent political observer Stu Rothenberg put out his latest House rankings on Tuesday, and yet again, the 1st District was not on his list of competitive races — meaning it’s safe for the incumbent party and its nominee, Andy Harris.

While that is welcome news, Rothenberg says that the GOP shouldn’t get too cocky, as Democrat challenger Frank Kratovil still has the strong support of prominent House members from Maryland.

You can donate to Andy Harris’ campaign here.

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Human Events: The Klein camp is scared of Allen West

According to John Gizzi at Human Events, Rep. Ron Klein’s recent behavior after a Zionist Organization of America event shows that the his campaign is scared of the challenge presented by Lt. Col. Allen West:

Last Thursday (July 24th), the president of the Zionist Organization of America, one of America’s the most respected of Jewish-American organizations, called ZOA South Florida organization chairman Alan Bergstein and gave him an ultimatum: stop his volunteer work for West or resign from his ZOA post. According to the West campaign, “it was made clear to Bergstein that Ron Klein was necessary to pass congressional legislation important to ZOA and to Israel. ZOA has an obligation to its membership to ensure that their issues are considered, so the national office clearly felt it had no choice but to deliver the message to Mr. Bergstein.”

Think about it for a minute, experts: if Klein is sending a signal for someone to do give an ultimatum to a campaign volunteer for West, does it not follow that he is somewhat concerned about the Republican challenger?

These strong-arm tactics are typical of hard-core liberals like Rep. Ron Klein. However, they failed to see the unintended consequences of their actions:

And Bergstein? Upset that (in his words) “a Jewish congressman has to threaten Israel and world Jewry by whining over one person’s activities, Bergstein chose the better part of valor, resigned his position with ZOA, and will work hard on the West campaign.

Classic. If you are in the area (coastal Palm Beach and Broward counties) make sure to sign up to volunteer for Lt. Col. Allen West’s campaign. Not in the area? You can still send a few bucks his way.

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Kagen: The Surge was not necessary

I certainly hope John Gard’s campaign plan’s to attack Rep. Kagen for these outlandish comments:

After returning from his first visit to Iraq, House Democrat Steve Kagen of Appleton said he does not believe the surge of U.S. forces was a major factor in the decrease in violence there and he has no second thoughts about opposing the policy last year.

“I’m firmly convinced that the surge of American troops was not necessary,” Kagen said on a conference call he held Wednesday to talk about his recent congressional trip to Iraq, Israel and Europe.

“I will continue to support our troops but not our failed policy,” Kagen said. “I believe we must move our troops away from Iraq and back after Osama bin Laden, who’s our real enemy. With regard to the specific date and time, the sooner the better.”

This would, of course, be the same surge that has been so successful that even anti-war Democratic consultant Lanny Davis admits it worked.  This would be the same surge that has seen a reduction in troop deaths from 87 in July 2007 to 12 in July 2008.  The people of Wisconsin’s 8th district need a Congressman who understands that supporting the troops means nothing if you can’t acknowledge the great strides they’ve made.

You can donate to John Gard’s campaign here.


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New Polling in the Washinton Gubernatorial Race

According the Strategic Vision, Gov. Christine Gregoire is leading State Sen. Dino Rossi 47% to 45%.

You can donate to Dino Rossi here.

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Some new additions

I’d like to once again thank everyone who has submitted candidates for Down the Ticket to support. Some of them have already been written about today, while others are brand new:

  • Lt. Col. Allen West – Florida’s 22nd District (donate here)
  • Dr. Deborah Honeycutt – Georgia’s 13th District (donate here)
  • Rep. Dick Zimmer – New Jersey, U.S. Senate (donate here)
  • State Sen. Dino Rossi – Washington, Governor (donate here)
  • Capt. Duncan D. Hunter – California’s 52nd District (donate here)
  • State Rep. Jack Hoogendyk – Michigan, U.S. Senate (donate here)
  • State Sen. Joe Kenney – New Hampshire, Governor (donate here)
  • Assemblyman John Gard – Wisconsin’s 8th District (donate here)
  • Keith Fimian – Virginia’s 11th District (donate here)
  • Pete Olson – Texas’ 22nd District (donate here)
  • State Treasurer Sarah Steelman – Missouri, Governor (donate here)
  • Dr. Steve Sauerberg – Illinois, U.S. Senate (donate here)
  • Wayne Parker – Alabama’s 5th District (donate here)

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